What is Table Talks?

What is it?

Table Talks is a versatile tool to aid in conversation with people who have hearing problems. Table Talks uses speech to text to write what you are saying down,and puts it in a “Chat Table” which everyone who you are talking to will see. It allows those who wouldn’t be able to hear you normally to see exactly what you said, and participate more in the conversation.

Why is it important?

Table Talks is extremely important for letting people with bad hearing participate in normal conversation. Instead of only being able to hear the people next to them, they allow the people with bad hearing to participate in a larger conversation, without any complicated system, or expensive technology.

How does it work?

Table Talks uses WebKit speech to text to first record what you are saying. It then puts that on the chatroom under your name. The chatroom data is stored in the online databasing platform Firebase and is then synced to everyone in the chatroom.

When can I get it?

Table Talks is currently in the prototyping stages, but a working prototype has been created. Because of a lack of easy to use speech to text tools, it is difficult to expand to multiple platforms, and WebKit speech to text has given us some problems. However, a prototype version will be available online soon, with an android version coming soon after. IOS and windows app versions would come later, as WebKit speech to text is not yet supported on those platforms.